Cockapoo Wrapping Paper - 100% Recycled and Recyclable
The Arty Penguin

Cockapoo Wrapping Paper - 100% Recycled and Recyclable

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Cute and cuddly this Cockapoo gift wrap is full of character

Such a fabulous breed with big personalities and teddy bear looks.  This paper shows them in a variety of colours but all enjoying the party spirit with rainbow hats and presents ready to celebrate your friend’s, relative’s or even furry baby’s birthday ? Christmas ? Each pack contains 2 sheets and 2 tags so perhaps enough for both!

  • 2 sheets of gift wrapping paper with matte finish, each 50cm x 70 cm and folded for postage. 
  • Includes 2 co-ordinating gift tags illustrated.
  • Perfect for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas and any other occasion
  • Eco printed in England on 100% recycled and recyclable paper.
  • Comes in biodegradable cello packaging and a recycled card backed envelope