Environmental Info

How are we minimising our impact on the environment?

I firmly believe that companies should do everything they can to limit their impact on the environment.  We use British companies to manufacture all our goods and and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint (and give us fantastic quality and economic benefits!).  The card backed envelopes used for most orders are recycled and recyclable along with the boxes for larger/ trade orders. Any bubble wrap or void filling used has been collected from suppliers orders and reused - please pass it on! 

Not all wrapping paper is created the same!

Our gift wrapping paper is printed using vegetable based inks and printed on paper that comes from sustainably managed forests.  We will be launching a new range of designs on 100% recycled paper later in 2020.  
In 2018 we moved from off the shelf gift wrap packaging which meant a large overlap to made to measure reducing plastic used by about 30% This year, once old stocks are used up we’ll be moving to starch based commercially compostable bags.  


Cards are printed on beautiful FSC textured board and again recyclable.  Envelopes are either FSC certified (coloured) or made from recycled kraft paper.  We have recently moved to starch based bags though there are still a few prepackaged cards still in cello bags.  We’ll happily supply cards ‘naked’ on request.