Pheasant and duck birthday card by Ceinwen Campbell
The Arty Penguin

Pheasant and Duck Birthday Card

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Game birds in action decorate this blank birthday card.

I’ve lost count of the times a pheasant has forgotten he has wings and tried to out run me in my car in the country lanes round my house (he always wins of course, I could never harm should a beautiful bird). Ducks I tend to see taking off rather than landing since I normally have my cocker spaniel with me and he sees birds as the best entertainment ever.  Luckily he barks so much there’s never any chance of him catching one!

  • Quality card with watercolour paper texture
  • 150mm x 150mm Painted, designed and printed in Britain. Recyclable.
  • Illustrated with game birds (Pheasant and Duck) in watercolour
  • Supplied with kraft paper envelope in a biodegradable bag. 
  • Co-ordinating Gift Wrap, and Notebook available