Shipping Info

If you get your order in before 3pm we aim to ship same day although it’s not always possible.  Please contact me if your order  is urgent. 

We ship using the Royal Mail.  Our Shipping rates are based on the Royal Mail Rates and Sizes with a small charge for packaging costs.

The charge is calculated automatically based on the size and weight of the parcel with the final price presented to you at checkout.

Here is a rough indication of our prices:

For UK Customers

2nd Class 0g to 100g - £0.60
1st Class 0g to 100g - £0.95
2nd Class 100g to 250g - £1.45
1st Class 100g to 250g - £1.60
2nd Class 250g to 500g - £1.55
1st Class 250g to 500g - £1.80
2nd Class 500g to 750g - £1.65
1st Class 500g to 750g - £2.00
2nd Class 750g to 1kg - £2.80
1st Class 750g to 1kg - £3.40
2nd Class 1kg to 2kg - £4.89
1st Class 1kg to 2kg - £6.55
2nd Class 2kg to 5kg - £13.75
1st Class 2kg to 5kg - £16.95
2nd Class 5kg to 10kg - £20.25
1st Class 5kg to 10kg - £21.90
2nd Class 10kg to 20kg - £28.55

For European Customers

Standard to 250g - £3.95
Standard 250g to 500g - £5.50
Standard 500g to 750g - £6.85
Standard 750g to 1kg - £8.26
Standard 1kg to 1.250 kg - £9.61
Standard 1.25 kg to 1.5kg - £10.96
Standard 1.5 kg to 1.75 kg - £12.31
Standard 1.75 kg to 2 kg - £13.46
For International Customers please contact us as the price varies carrier to carrier.  For small orders we will use Royal Mail but for larger orders will look for a more competitive service.